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Beginner Tips for Learning to Play the Guitar

Sometimes it might be frustrating when you are learning how to play the guitar, right? This should not bother you since it is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, learning how to play the guitar as a beginner is an exciting process that involves a lot of work. Although it is not that overwhelming, you must have a good mindset for you to succeed. When learning the guitar from a qualified instructor, the teacher is there to help keep you calm during the process.

Beginner playing the guitar

This is always a gradual process that requires a lot of keenness and dedication. Luckily, if you have some interest, the learning process can be a lot of fun. Here are some beginner tips for learning how to play the guitar…

1. Get to know your guitar
Before investing on an expensive guitar, check out if a friend or a relative owns one and see if you can learn everything about it. This might also be a great opportunity since they can teach you a few chords to get started. You can then decide to start on acoustic guitar or an electric one. When purchasing a guitar for yourself, it is not a good idea to buy the cheapest, but this does not mean you have to buy an expensive one.

2. Learn the guitar chords slowly
You have seen some of the guys playing the guitar very fast, and you want to do the same. Although it is not bad to be ambitious, you cannot learn how to run before you know how to walk. The best way to master the chords is to play them slowly by slowly. You must train your fingers before even imagining how to increase your speed. Remember, faster playing will come naturally so do not bother.

3. Do not avoid the hard chords
As a matter of fact, playing some chords might prove difficult than others. Do not avoid the hard chords just because they are difficult to learn. Even though learning them can be a grueling task ensure that you spend more time and practice consistently, and you will find out that they are not as a difficult as you thought.

4. Look away or close your eyes at times
If you see a novice playing the guitar for the first time, their eyes remain locked on the guitar most of the times. On the contrary, an experienced player only needs to look at the wires once in a while. Since this is a skill that you master on your own, it is desirable if you learn it pretty early. While practicing, have a habit of looking away or closing your eyes, and gradually you will realize that you have got it right.

5. Practice daily
If you didn’t put any time and effort, it would be tough to learn how to play the guitar. Spend at least one hour practicing daily. If you master this no-nonsense attitude, you will realize that this is not difficult. It will pay off since sooner you will start noticing some improvements. Eventually, you will find it easy to factor in your training hour in your schedule.

Above all, be realistic as you are not going to learn the skill overnight. Remember, with time, this is something that you will accomplish just well. Be willing to dedicate your time and be patient and you will be playing it with a lot of confidence.

Metropolitan cities offer local guitar lessons for kids & adults who are interested in learning. By calling up a local institution, you can ask any questions you might have before signing up.

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5 Tips for Learning to Play the Guitar

The guitar is an instrument that can bring great entertainment when you are stressed, bored or even when just relaxing. It is relatively inexpensive, fairly portable and easy to learn. Lots of people learn how to play the guitar every day and if you are one of them, here are five tips that you can follow.

Learn to Play the Guitar

1. Be disciplined with your practice

The first and big part to learn to play the guitar is finger memory, which is motor skill. Your fingers should know what to do without being controlled by the brain and the only way to do this is by practicing. Nothing beats putting your hands regularly on the guitar and practicing the latest lesson. The best technique comes from your mind and then your fingers being able to remember how it is all supposed to work, more so when it comes to tricky fingerings. Set some time aside every day and try to develop those good playing habits.

2. Find the best way to stay motivated

Sometimes, learning how to play the guitar may not be easy and at times you find it boring. At the beginning, you will feel totally coordinated as well as sounding terrible. Your fingers are likely to suffer pain daily until you develop callouses. Now, you feel good learning about the guitar, but what you do to always stay motivated will determine whether you will want to continue learning it for the coming months or even years. You can set some short-term goals that won’t take long to achieve or visualize yourself on the stage playing with a band. No matter which step you take, maintaining the motivation is the essential part to avoid giving up.

3. Get the basic skills the right way

Learning to play the guitar involves getting a combination of basic skills. Always take your time to learn these skills and learn them properly. Get a teacher, a book or even an online course and be guided on the basic skills. Learn chords, notes, lead, strumming as well as picking and never be in a hurry to learn as you may skip some lessons. Be fussy. At the beginning, you will sound terrible, but do not be satisfied with that until you are able to sound better.

4. Always learn to listen

Listening is an underrated high skill and it helps one become a great player. Listen to others when they are playing, both on album and live. Learn which kind of guitars they are playing. Differentiate when they are picking, strumming or playing single notes. Also, listen to yourself carefully when you are practicing and identify the different times when you do something wrong. When playing in a band, listen to what the other instruments are playing.

5. Put a variety in your routine

Practicing regularly can sometimes become boring without putting variety in playing. Your fingers become consistent, but you need to keep your mind happy too by having something enjoyable and interesting. Time in time, try something that is challenging even if you can’t do it right. Get out of the house, play in different locations and with friends and enjoy the profitability of the guitar. Sing along and do anything that can bring joy to you with the guitar.